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“The creator has the Universe in his mind and hands” said Leonardo da Vinci.

We at Creatone believe that every human is a creator by nature and creativity is something that can and must be developed from the early childhood. This is how our team got an idea to develop STEM toys for the kids to stay relevant in today’s tech-centric world.

Children are naturally curious about their world and we give them plenty of opportunities to explore and to learn through play by providing interesting Creatone toys to examine.

Mission and vision

Our mission: Inspiration beyond limits, creativity beyond imagination.

Our long-run objective is to inspire children to be creative, turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. This is what your child learns with Creatone products.

Our vision: Little creative today – big genius tomorrow.

Help your child to shape the future, open new horizons and discover endless potential of imagination and human possibilities.

We promote the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections, and to generate solutions, hence awaken your child’s inner genius with Creatone toys.

Our team

Creatone is a real dream team full of smart, driven, inspired and highly motivated people (and loving parents) who strive to create solutions that help children to learn through play.

Our R&D team is at the forefront of the era, focusing on product development, quality control and prior tests of the products for the young generation. There are professional psychologists, market research specialists and developers in Creatone R&D whose creative ideas and their fulfilment usually exceeds expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our Design team works hard to create the unique image and user-friendly, functional and safe design of Creatone products based on rich experience and professional skills, aiming to bring you visual and tactile enjoyment. That is why Creatone stands out in the competitive environment proudly wearing the title of Mom’s choice product 2018.


Why Creatone?

& Stimulating

& Fun

& Cognitive

& Attachment-enhancing

& Durable

Choosing Creatone you choose your child a faithful friend, while cultivating meaningful and lasting friendship with the brand enrich your child’s life immensely and help him discover math and science concepts, including shapes, gravity, balance and counting, the science of color, principles of composition and design.

Over 30 000 satisfied customers

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“Playing together is our favorite activity and I now realize how it actually strengthens parent-child relationships and enhances attachment between me and my daughter. We love Creatone as it promotes connection and involves fun and physical closeness.“

Megan, Florida


“Magnetic building blocks by Creatone is a perfect gift no matter age, gender and interests. It is fun, exciting and entertaining for the whole family. Just imagine – three generations of our family can spend hours fantasizing, building and laughing together! Such moments are priceless.”

The Reynold’s family, California


“I am an engineer and my son is proud of me and wants to become an engineer too. With Creatone building and construction toys I can easily explain the key principles of gravity and balance to him. Creatone is a real discovery for our family!”

Mike & Andrew, Texas



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